Data Management

We assist companies in overcoming data challenges, enabling them to handle large volumes, integrate new sources, automate tasks, and enhance data quality.

Data Management Services

We prioritize improving data practices at every stage of the data lifecycle, including creation, storage, transformation, analysis, and archiving or deletion.

Data Management Strategy

At Parabola9, we understand that different data levels require varying degrees of management to derive valuable insights consistently. Our data management strategy classifies data and defines optimal management levels, ensuring cost-efficient access to valuable information over time.

Data Architecture Assessment

At Parabola9, we recognize the potential for maximizing the business value of data throughout its lifecycle. Our assessment focuses on reviewing each stage meticulously to ensure the consistent creation and scaling of valuable information.

Data Architecture

At Parabola9, we create agile, scalable, and modular solutions that serve as the core foundations for all your data and analytics requirements. Our modern data architecture services encompass data warehouses, data lakes, data lakehouses, data modeling, security, storage solutions, cloud, on-prem, hybrid architectures, master data management, and health checks.

Cloud Services

At Parabola9, we specialize in crafting and implementing cloud-based solutions for your data and analytics assets. Our services cover cloud readiness assessments, platform setup, solution architecture, data migration, serverless solutions, platform security, health checks, and cost optimization.

Data Integration & Data Engineering

At Parabola9, we excel in developing, managing, and delivering data flows and integrations to empower scalable analytics. Our expertise lies in data pipelines, data preparation, ETL/ELT processes, health checks, and data quality, utilizing both proprietary and open-source solutions.

Data Governance

At Parabola9, we guide you in adopting a democratized data governance approach, ensuring your framework seamlessly aligns with business processes. This fosters higher user adoption and faster results, avoiding over-engineering and complexity in data governance.

Data Quality & Data Security

At Parabola9, we aid you in identifying the right people, processes, and technology to streamline data cleaning and ensure the prevention of low-quality data. This ensures the security and reliability of your data and analytics systems.

Technologies We Work With

Comprehensive Vendor-Agnostic Expertise Across the Entire Data Stack

We will help you navigate the market to evaluate and select the right tools based on your unique needs. We have experience with all modern data and analytics tools and will make sure you’re taking full advantage of the benefits available across your entire data stack.
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