How Google Analytics 4 Can Take Your Sales and Marketing Analytics to the Next Level

With the discontinuation of Google Universal Analytics, many marketers are apprehensive about navigating the shift to Google Analytics 4. But what if we told you that this change could open a world of possibilities for flexible, customized data tracking that caters to diverse reporting requirements?

In this blog, we demystify Google Analytics 4, highlighting why its event-based data modeling is a game-changer in the world of analytics. We delve into how GA4 fundamentally differs from its predecessor, how it improves upon traditional tracking methods, and how you can leverage its features to gain a more comprehensive view of user interactions on your site.

The feature of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) that we are most excited about isn’t the enhanced measurement capabilities or the integrated predictive machine learning; it’s a behind-the-scenes change that makes GA4 customizable to a wide variety of scenarios and flexible to meet an array of reporting requirements: Event-based data modeling.

Although there has been some grumbling in the marketing community about the forced shift from Universal Analytics to GA4, many organizations are taking advantage of what GA4 has to offer to enrich their reporting and understanding of their customer base.

In this blog, we cover:

  1. Events: Key Difference Between Universal Analytics and GA4
  2. What Types of ‘Events’ Are in GA4?
  3. How to Create a 360-View of your Customer via Integration in GA4
  4. How to Integrate Data from GA4 with your Other Data Sources
  5. How to Leverage the Events-Based Model for Enhanced User Insights


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