Industry Specialists

Data remains constant across industries, yet each sector has distinct analytics requirements. At Parabola9, we leverage our frontline expertise and profound industry insights to create tailored data and analytics solutions for your business.


Financial Services

At Parabola9, we specialize in assisting Financial Services companies in gaining a comprehensive 360-degree view of their customers, portfolios, and products. Our solutions empower analysts, bankers, executives, and portfolio/client managers with self-service analysis and reporting capabilities, driving profitability, enhancing customer understanding, and effectively assessing risks.


We recognize that every Association has a unique mission, but understanding its members is crucial for all. At Parabola9, we specialize in implementing data and analytics solutions tailored for Associations. Our solutions enable them to gain insights from complex data related to their members, finances, subscriptions, and surveys, fostering better understanding and decision-making.


At Parabola9, we specialize in assisting Insurance companies to leverage their data for delivering exceptional customer service and tackling industry challenges amidst strict regulations and fierce competition. Our solutions empower Insurance companies to gain deep insights into their customers, enhance retention, optimize risk assessment in underwriting, reduce claims costs, and discover new growth opportunities through data-driven strategies.


At Parabola9, we specialize in supporting healthcare providers, including major hospital systems, home health care companies, rehabilitation services, dentists, pharmacies, and veterinarians. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating data from EMR systems like Epic and Cerner. By doing so, we aim to achieve various objectives, including reducing re-admissions, lowering average costs per case, enhancing patient and physician satisfaction, and optimizing operational efficiency within the healthcare industry.

Life Sciences

At Parabola9, we specialize in assisting Life Science companies in leveraging their data from research, clinical trials, production, sales, and customer interactions. Our solutions are designed to propel progress, enhance sales performance, foster innovation, and transform ideas into reality. By placing data at the core of product development, smart sales strategies, and go-to-market approaches, we strive to achieve improved patient outcomes and drive success within the Life Science industry.


At Parabola9, we specialize in assisting Manufacturers to break free from data silos, offering enhanced visibility across the entire manufacturing lifecycle—from machines to people. Our solutions empower manufacturers to utilize their data effectively, driving operational efficiencies, boosting productivity, reducing costs, and effectively meeting evolving customer demands.


At Parabola9, we specialize in supporting Retailers by consolidating data from various sources, including POS systems, ecommerce transactions, supply chain systems, and social media, into a unified platform. Our solutions enable retailers to respond to consumer demands efficiently, identify market opportunities, and maintain agility in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Private Equity

At Parabola9, we specialize in empowering Private Equity (PE) firms to unlock the full potential of their data, offering a comprehensive 360-degree view of their portfolios. Our data and analytics solutions are designed to fuel portfolio growth, enhance market evaluation, optimize performance measurement, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately achieve the highest return on investments for PE firms.



At Parabola9, we specialize in assisting financial professionals in transitioning from manual data preparation and Excel-based report generation to automated financial analytics solutions. Our solutions empower users to conduct more meaningful analysis and contribute value to their organization's bottom line. By leveraging our automated tools, businesses can make well-informed financial decisions faster, decrease costs, manage risks efficiently, and enhance profitability and transparency across their operations.

Human Resources

At Parabola9, we specialize in building comprehensive solutions that integrate data from various sources, including Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), applicant tracking systems, learning platforms, payroll systems, and surveys, with data from other parts of the organization. These integrated solutions offer HR departments a complete view of the employee lifecycle, enabling them to build a robust workforce that aligns with business objectives and prioritizes employee well-being.

Sales and Marketing

At Parabola9, we specialize in deploying sales and marketing analytics solutions that seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources such as CRM systems, automated marketing platforms, website analytics tools, SEO tools, social media platforms, advertising channels, and more. This integration enables us to deliver a comprehensive view of the entire sales and marketing efforts, providing valuable insights into the factors that lead to conversions.

Supply Chain

At Parabola9, we specialize in assisting companies in harnessing their data to comprehend and optimize supply chain performance, spanning from product design to distribution. Our solutions empower companies with end-to-end visibility into supply chain activities, enabling them to operate with greater efficiency, resilience, and profitability.

Industry Specialists Industries Functions
Industry Specialists Industries Functions

What Client says

With years of industry expertise and a proven track record of success, we have consistently delivered exceptional solutions to our clients.

Parabola9 exceeded all our expectations! Their data analytics consulting services helped us streamline our operations and identify valuable insights. Their team's expertise and dedication to understanding our business needs made the process seamless and effective. We highly recommend Parabola9 to any organization seeking data-driven solutions.

T N Raghunandan Marketing Manager

We were facing complex data challenges, but Parabola9 came to our rescue! Their consultants demonstrated remarkable proficiency in handling diverse data sets and implementing advanced analytics solutions. With their assistance, we achieved better decision-making capabilities and improved overall performance. Parabola9 is a reliable partner for anyone looking to optimize their data strategies.

John Sebah V CEO

Partnering with Parabola9 was a game-changer for our company. Their vendor-agnostic approach ensured we received unbiased recommendations on the best technologies for our needs. They tailored their solutions to suit our specific industry requirements and helped us transform our data management processes. Parabola9's support has been invaluable, and we're excited about the future possibilities they've unlocked for us.

Lisa M Operations