Cloud Migration Strategy Guide [and Checklist]

Whether you are considering moving your data to the cloud, are in the process of choosing a cloud platform, or are optimizing existing cloud resources — you need the right strategy in place so you can reap all the benefits the cloud can offer.

This blog will guide you through the process of moving your data assets to a cloud environment, including how to create a cloud migration plan and the elements of a cloud migration strategy. It also covers key factors to consider so that you can optimize existing cloud environments to reduce costs, increase performance, and address technical debt.

One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is that the barrier to entry is low because it’s very easy to spin up a server and start playing around.​ ​We recommend that you balance the ease with proper planning and a cloud migration strategy so that you can:

  • Ensure that your organization is prepared from a financial, process, and governance perspective and bought-in from a cultural perspective;
  • Validate that technology and license agreements support a cloud model​;
  • Define an execution, testing, and communication plan to minimize the impact to business users​; and
  • Properly leverage the rapid pace of innovation and agility that cloud offers over on-prem though continuously optimizing workloads.

In this blog, we cover:

  1. What is a Cloud Migration?
  2. What is a Cloud Readiness Assessment and How Do I Start?
  3. How to Create a Cloud Migration Plan
  4. How to Execute on Your Cloud Migration Plan
  5. How to Operate and Optimize Your Cloud Environment


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